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The Journey Bass

Seemingly simple and primitive, the art on The Journey Bass is profoundly symbolic of an artist’s travels and trials, juxtaposed with that of the man.

The desire to refinish a beloved instrument, revealing the beautiful layers of wood that gives us it’s tone and resonance- without losing, discarding the wear ‘n tear, scars, memories, and lessons of the past…

And the desire to grow, reinvent, rediscover one’s self as a man who is an artist, through an introspective process like peeling back the layers of an onion, and nurturing, cultivating the tender new shoots within~ without losing one’s roots, history, family, fans in the winds of change…

Gene Evaro Jr, of Gene Jr & The Family, wrote “Life Is A Journey” around this same time. The art created here represents his whole journey- so the journey bass is inspired by his rich past and his bright clean future, which is ever unfolding before our very eyes… Love ‘n Light, MT


Jungle Bass for Steve

My First Bass Guitar…My Jungle Bass For Steve

My second attempt at staining and refinishing was for my jungle bass player Steve Shrader. He willingly handed over his Ibanez SDGR bass guitar. With little experience and much to learn, I was grateful for the opportunity. I had no clue as to what he wanted so I thought about him always being there for me as a friend and a band mate. Like a warrior he always rose to any challenge so I thought I would paint him a Jungle war bass. Animal colors and stripes, a little blood for the battle, and black.

Jungle Bass for Steve by MT Robison Art Guitars
Jungle Bass for Steve by MT Robison Art Guitars


Maybe I learned too much about power sanders on this one! You have to very patient and gentle when using any power tool. I ended up making more work for myself by being impatient, so the word is relax… and let the machine do the work.

03-steve-bass-back-wAfter some tender loving care and hand sanding at the end, I was pleased with the feel of the wood. I stained the bass with red, green and yellow, applied my animal stripes with torn painters tape, stained the entire bass black, removed the tape and voilà! It still looks and plays fantastic, and it’s had some real hard gig time. Tru-Oil does hold up if you are reasonable when you handle your guitar.


I am honored and blessed to have been a part of this great mans life, and he be a part of mine. Here’s to the great music and the good times we’ve had with his Jungle Bass! Love and Music…MT